For Sale!


Do you consider mile after mile in an open Dutch door "heaven on earth"?

Are you fascinated by the 40s and 50s Streamliner era?

Do you absolutely love riding passenger trains?

Are you loaded with big bucks?

Maybe you should consider private passenger car ownership!


The Overland Trail and the Amber Trail are for sale!

Here's your chance to own your very own "pocket streamliner". The Overland Trail and the Amber Trail are two wonderful examples of the car builders craft from the post war streamliner era. The Overland Trail was built for the Southern Pacific in 1949 and assigned to the San Francisco Overland. It features a stunning streamline moderne interior, a most gracious quarter circle bar and the sole operating railroad barbershop in the world! The Amber Trail is an ex Union Pacific 44 seat long distance chair car built for general transcontinental service in 1950 and served regularly on the City of Los Angeles. Both cars were built by Pullman Standard and are Amtrak certified (the Overland in '94 and the Amber Trail in '07) and can run virtually anywhere Amtrak goes (they are MU equipped for push pull operation).

Start conducting transportation aboard your "own train" today!

Remarkably, each car would cost over two million dollars to reproduce today ...

... both for $595,000.00