FOUR Private Rail Cars from the Golden Age of rail travel ... your own mini streamliner!

Pacific Northwest Passage departing May 16-24, 2009

Travel in First Class Pullman comfort in a private streamliner from Los Angeles to the Pacific Northwest visiting Portland, Spokane and Seattle! Our Train will be made up of four vintage "streamliner era" passenger cars: the Overland Trail, 1949 club lounge/diner; the Tioga Pass, 1959 officer's car with open air platform; the Pacific Sands, 1950 Pullman sleeping car and the Salisbury Beach, 1954 Pullman sleeping car. Together, our special consist will provide a first class conveyance as we "train ourselves to relax", ticking off the miles ... racing towards beautiful Pacific ocean vistas, mountain side panoramas, high desert scenery and evergreen forests spread before us like huge lush green carpets. Our pocket streamliner will depart May 16th from Los Angeles Union Station on a nine-day adventure to the Pacific Northwest, returning May 24th.

Just a few scenic highlights ... viewed right outside our train windows: 113 miles of Calif coast, Cascade mountains, Willamette Valley, Columbia river gorge.


Travelling by private railcar to the PNW ... what can I expect?

This is travel the way it used to be, when getting there was more than half the fun. Meet at Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal on Saturday, May 16th for boarding at 10:00 am. You'll feel like a "40s Hollywood movie star" as your porter helps you get settled in your private room ... all the while, the rest of the staff is preparing for your adventure. As you're enjoying a wonderful lunch in the dining car, we round a curve and ... the great expanse of the Pacific Ocean looms into view, just the beginning of 113 miles along the blue Pacific!

Enjoy the scenery through the large picture windows of the lounge car. Meet new friends amongst your like-minded traveling companions. Unwind with your favorite book or catch a nap before dinner ...

You are going to discover that the greatest feature on this train is your ability to totally relax ... the ever-changing scenery, the attentive staff, the vintage ambiance and comfortable surroundings, good food and drink ... ALL will add up to a wonderful time of escape from the rigors of life. In fact, the most heard comment from our esteemed patrons is, "Gosh, was that trip relaxing! I have never been so refreshed after traveling!"

As the sun is moving into the Western sky and we're cruising through the Salinas Valley, you'll see ... Wait, what were those bells, Oh! The waiter has announced "first call for dinner" with the dining car chimes! After a delightful repast, enjoy the elegant "cocktail party" feel of the dimly lit Overland Trail, until time to turn in to your cozy room aboard the sleeping cars.

Next day, enjoy breakfast and lunch in the Cascades and then, we arrive Portland by the mid afternoon. Of course, our journey has just begun ... there is much, much more, but you get the picture!



On board accommodations:

First Class sleeping car accommodations aboard the Pacific Sands and Salisbury Beach.

The Pacific Sands and the Salisbury Beach feature traditional railroad accommodations: single person roomettes, two person double bedrooms and classic open section berths. Rooms have toilet/sink facilities, individual temperature control, fans, closet and picture window. Couples have the choice of a double bedroom, (Upper and Lower berth) or in individual "right across the aisle" roomettes. Two Double Bedrooms may also be joined together to form a suite for a group of four. Reserve early for best choice of accommodations.

The Tioga Pass has two spacious suites that share a common shower.

A Shower is available aboard all four cars. All overnight accommodations (whether the train is moving or not) are aboard the private sleeping cars.



North to Portland/Spokane/Seattle

South to Los Angeles

- Depart LA Saturday, May 16, 2009 at 10:15 am

- Depart Seattle Saturday, May 23 at 9:45 am

- Depart Oakland Saturday, May 16 at 9:47 pm

- Depart Oakland Sunday, May 24 at 8:50 am

- Arrive Portland Sunday, May 17 at 3:40 pm

- Depart Portland Tuesday, May 19 at 4:45 pm

- Arrive Spokane Wednesday, May 20 at 12:28 am

- Depart Spokane Thursday, May 21 at 2:45 am

- Arrive Seattle Thursday, May 21 at 10:20 am

- Arrive LA Sunday, May 24 at 9:00 pm





Los Angeles to - Portland/Spokane/Seattle and return in authentic Pullman accommodations. Relive the classic era as we "slow the clock down" to a more gracious, genteel and relaxed time.

Fares and Accommodations:

Roomette - Single person rooms with folding "Murphy" style bed. Couples travelling together, but desiring separate rooms can request roomettes right across the aisle from each other ... and there's no ladder. $1,995.00 per person, round trip, single occupancy roomettes

Double Bedroom - Two person room. $1,995.00 per person, round trip, double occupancy in a Double Bedroom (Upper and lower berth). Two adjoining Double Bedrooms can be booked and ensuited (folding wall opened) for families or friends travelling together ... there is limited availability, be sure to book early to avoid disappointment.

Section - Classic Pullman accommodation featuring a comfortable bench seat by day and a heavy curtained sleeping space by night. $1,495.00 per person, lower berth $1,395.00 per person, upper berth

"Presidential suite" - The Tioga Pass features twin staterooms that sleep two each and are a little larger then traditional Pullman double bedrooms. The rooms also share a shower for the exclusive use of the stateroom occupants. $2,295.00 per person, round trip, double occupancy in the presidential suite aboard Tioga Pass.

Please reserve early for your favorite accommodation.

Please call or email your questions regarding this wonderful adventure. We don't want you to miss for lack of information.

Checks or major credit cards accepted.








Food and beverage

Delightful meal service prepared with high quality fresh food items by our experienced staff. Most meals are served home style with a single entree in a traditional dinning car atmosphere.

Sample menu:

Breakfast: Famous Santa Fe french toast, bacon and fruit

Lunch: Grilled lean hamburgers, french fries and coleslaw

Dinner: Beef tenderloin with red wine mushroom sauce, wasabi mashed potatoes and vegetable of the day


Sightseeing / Tours

This rail adventure is designed for both independent travelers and those who enjoy organized group tours and is priced accordingly, with the "destination tours" individually priced and sold separately.

Portland layover Wine country / Air museum motorcoach tour Would you like to join the group as we motor out to the Willamette Valley and the Evergreen Air and Space Museum? We plan to stop at a winery on the way out to Evergreen (home to Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose) and then we'll stop at a 2nd one when we return to Portland. Cost: $57.50 Includes RT motorcoach ride, admission to the Air or Space museum, box lunch while at the museum, wine tasting fees at both properties and tip for bus driver.


Day Trippers

One way or round trip lounge seating to various exciting destinations may be available on a limited basis, please inquire (two person minimum, please). Prices include meal service as appropriate to time of travel.

Los Angeles to:

SLO/Paso Robles (gateway to Hearst Castle/Wine country) $150.00 one way

Salinas (gateway to Monterey/Carmel) $150.00

San Jose $175.00 one way

Oakland/San Francisco $185.00 one way

Any city from Klamath Falls and north to Portland and other Pacific Northwest destinations ... Please inquire for fare information.






A word about our railcars ... although built in the 40s and 50s, they are completely "Amtrak certified", that is, the mechanical systems have been modernized and safety checked by Amtrak and they have deemed them safe to pull as part of their own trains. The cars are actually hooked up to regularly scheduled Amtrak trains, we travel within their trainsets making all the same stops they do.

The Overland Trail was built for Southern Pacific's San Francisco Overland in 1949. It features a stunning Art Deco main salon that seats 39 in exquisite comfort and graciousness, with large picture windows for watching the world go by.

The Pacific Sands is a traditional Pullman sleeping car built in 1950 for Union Pacific (and operated by the Pullman Company) as a 10/6 sleeping car, that is, 10 roomettes (single beds) and 6 double bedrooms (two person rooms). Each room has all the amenities associated with first class Pullman service including individual climate control and private sink with toilet facilities. The car is equipped with a public shower/bathroom and also features a kitchenette at the end of the car.

The Tioga Pass is a former Canadian National business car built in 1959 and features an open platform (a back porch, if you will). There is nothing quite like enjoying the scenery from the open platform while travelling at 70 mph as the track recedes off into the horizon. The vista's engulf you as if you were flying on a magic carpet! When we talk about the "sights, sounds and sensations of rail car travel" ... it doesn't get better than this!

Salisbury Beach was built in 1954 for the Boston and Maine and is a classic Pullman sleeping car featuring a 6-4-6 configuration. It carries six roomettes, four double bedrooms and six open sections. It even saw service in Canada before retirement by the railroad. Lovingly restored to operation over a period of ten years, the car has made a dramatic comeback making trips to Chicago, Seattle and has an upcoming trip to Boston scheduled.


This rail adventure is designed for approximately 40 first class passengers - 40 patrons over 4 cars ... that's an average of 10 per car. You get the picture ... in this era of super colossal, industrial size cruise ships and wide-body sardine style aircraft with bistro-bag food, our very spacious, first class rail adventure will feature room to roam ... along with exquisite scenery, wonderful dining, and an attentive crew who has your every comfort in mind. What's more, you'll be traveling with like-minded adventurers ... surely life long friendships will result!


Smoking is allowed at several station stops and on the platform of the Tioga Pass while underway. Please, there is NO SMOKING in the pullman rooms under any circumstances.

All meals and beverages aboard the train included in the fare. Please advise us in advance if there are any dietary restrictions, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Please be advised, these historic railcars were built before public empathy towards our citizens with disabilities, and as such, are not wheelchair accessible nor handicap friendly. Again, please contact and we will advise (to the best of our ability) on suitability ... we will do our best to accommodate you.

What should I bring?

  • Bath robe and/or pajama's for shower use

  • camera

  • clothing that "layers" well

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