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Since July of 2006, Bill and Debbie Hatrick and their private railcars have been a part of 5 member consortium known as Made up of five families who have a "love affair" with passenger trains of yesteryear, we strive to maintain tenderly cared for relics from an earlier age. They may be vintage, but everything has been done to meet stringent and modern requirements ... all our cars are Amtrak certified and can operate virtually anywhere on the national passenger railroad system. Where else can you ride frequently scheduled vintage rail equipment on scenic, yet busy commuter corridors at speeds of up to 90 mph? Why ... on the Private Railcars of Los Angeles! Our trips are NOT your 10 mph "choo choo train ride" at your local railroad museum. Our cars operate behind regularly scheduled Amtrak trains at full track speed ... just as they were designed to do! By buying a ticket, you help us keep these incredible representative of the car builders craft out on the open road ... where they belong ... operating into the new millennium.

The Hatrick family and the Overland Trail are proud members of

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All icons to the right are old, stale and dated but are in place as reminders to where we have come from ... many thanks to our patrons who have helped us continue to operate our vintage railcars up to this point and beyond!








The 10 and 6 Pullman Sleeper, Pacific Sands and the Diner/lounge, Overland Trail attached to an Amtrak passenger train on their way to Santa Fe, NM.



Overnight "PULLMAN" trips

For those who love rail travel (and who doesn't ... I could LIVE on a moving train for the rest of my life!), we have a few Long Hauls scheduled in cooperation with LA RAIL. Our expanded consist often includes the 1950 built, ex Union Pacific sleeping car, Pacific Sands and the 1954 built, ex Boston and Maine sleeping car, Salisbury Beach and finally, the 1959 built, ex CN business car, Tioga Pass.

We offer real "Pullman sleeping car" space on these trips. The rooms are ingeniously designed - compact, but equipped with everything one might need away from home. Depending upon the accommodation: there is one or two beds, sink, toilet, vanity, excellent lighting, closet, heating/air conditioning, room fan and picture window. The rooms are very comfortable ... but you'll probably spend most of your time in the diner/lounge enjoying great food with railroad inspired recipes, wonderful conversation with like minded traveling companions and of course, ever changing vistas from our extra large picture windows in the Overland Trail.
















We realize there are so many opportunities to spend your vacation dollars ... That's why we truly appreciate every patron and strive to give them value for their dollar. Our rail trips are designed to be fun and educational, but above all, a time of rejuvenation and relaxation. Another aspect we like to brag about ... on our long hauls (unless otherwise specified), we have rooms for less then 40 passengers, yet we have four cars in our consist ... that averages 10 people per car ... talk about room to roam! We're also talking about a small, intimate number of like minded adventurers ... friendships will develop that will last a life time!

If you truly appreciate vintage streamliner era rail equipment, we strongly encourage membership in Pacific Railroad Society. This outstanding organization has a large fleet of rail equipment that never saw Amtrak service and is therefore in original "pre-Amtrak" condition. We have run a few trips with them and look forward to our next. Their sole Amtrak certified car is the incredibly ALL ORIGINAL, ex UP 6-4-6 sleeper, National Forum built in 1956.






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