Attention Rail Travelers!


Los Angeles to Chicago

To Be Announced





Cruise to Chicago in style, enjoy the Windy City

for two full days (plus two partial days) and return

home rested and relaxed ... all without busting the

bank or fatting the credit card!


$699.00 round trip plus Amtrak accommodation fare!



Love premium rail travel ... but have a hard time justifying the enormous costs?

Here is a perfect blend of premium vintage railcar travel coupled with normal Amtrak line space.

Introducing the "Super Chief Club Car". The Overland Trail becomes your daytime lounge car while Amtrak provides you their regular accommodations at night.

Do you love adventure? Do you love the mystique and romance long associated with exotic train travel? Then please, peruse these features.



  • Low cost compared to normal private car travel

  • Tailor your own level of accommodation, coach or sleeping car

  • Relive the streamliner era aboard this authentically restored

    lounge car

  • Make new friends as you travel with like minded, kindred spirits

  • Do as you please while laying over in Chicago

  • Morning continental breakfast included while traveling on board

  • Afternoon buffet lunch included while traveling the Overland Trail

  • Bon voyage champagne party at departure

  • Snacks and beverages included and served between meals.

  • A selection of beer and wine is included and served after lunch



There's no fighting for lounge space as your private railcar, the 39 seat Overland Trail, is for you and your traveling companions exclusive occupancy. With only 28 ticketed passengers, there is room to move around and make new friends as you visit with your like minded travelers. Enjoy a game of canasta at one of the four card tables. Read your favorite book or the latest periodicals in a most joyous atmosphere ... the comfortable and colorful surroundings of the Overland's lounge has ambiance that just won't quit! And of course, WHY do we love rail travel in the first place ... you'll enjoy ever changing vista's out of the large picture windows as we transverse the fabled route of the Super Chief!





Our special conveyance:



The Overland Trail is a 1940s built, former Southern Pacific club lounge that was built as a mid train 1st class lounge for the San Francisco Overland. Carefully restored and upgraded to meet current Amtrak requirements, the Overland Trail can be entrained on virtually any Amtrak train for exciting destinations around the country. The car features a stunning Streamline Modern interior, a most gracious quarter-circle bar, a comfortable ride, and expansive picture windows. You'll arrive in Chicago in style aboard this gem from the past!




Our Routing: The former Super Chief route of the old Santa Fe Railway (now BNSF). Operated by Amtrak and transversed by the Southwest Chief.





Our Destination:

Chicago ... rail traveler Mecca! The crossroads of the nation.

Though rail passenger transportation has been knocked off its pedestal for many decades now, Chicago is still a major rail freight center with a myriad of rail yards and other rail related facilities. And yet, Chicago remains the passenger hub it always was, now under the Amtrak flag ... albeit, on a much smaller scale. The city is full of wonderful transit opportunities with commute lines running out of the city in all directions.

You won't lack for things to do ... wonderful museums and other attractions abound. If you're rail oriented, a trip to the nearby Illinois Rail Museum might be in order ... and is easy to do as the Grayline offers a 7 hour, $63 opportunity!

As our patrons are "on their own" while in Chicago, we will not pretend to know all the hot spots or direct your paths .. the Internet might be a great place to start planning where YOU will go while enjoying your layover in Chi-town






Hog butcher for the world,

Tool maker, stacker of wheat,

Player with railroads and the nation's freight handler;

Stormy, husky, brawling,

City of the big shoulders."

—Carl Sandburg's "Chicago" (1916)




Brief itinerary:


Our departure from Los Angeles Union Station will be at 6:45 pm on Thursday, the 2nd of August. We'll enjoy a champagne Bon Voyage party and wave "good by" to LA. After our celebration, it's time to retire to our Amtrak accommodation for the night. Upon arising in the morning, breakfast will be served in the Diner/lounge ... the Overland Trail! We'll enjoy lunch around Albuquerque ... (a service stop for our train) but don't forget, we'll want to step off the car to check out what the local Indian artisans are presenting at trackside. While speeding through Colorado, we'll take our evening meal in the Amtrak diner and return to the lounge for dessert and possibly a nightcap before turning in. Once again, breakfast in the Overland upon rising (somewhere around Kansas City, MO) and lunch will be served at Galesburg, IL before arrival in Chicago at 3:20pm Enjoy Chicago ... take lots of pictures!


Our departure from Union Station, Chicago will be at 3:15 pm on Tuesday, the 7th of August. We'll enjoy a few appetizers in the lounge before taking our dinner in the Amtrak diner. Some might consider staying up until Kansas City, MO (10:11 pm arrival with 44 min. dwell time ... enough time for a dash into the station!), but then it's time for slumber. Breakfast in the Overland while passing through Colorado, buffet lunch around the OTHER Las Vegas. We'll enjoy another extended stop at Albuquerque ... and a final chance to visit with the local Indian merchants. We'll once again enjoy "dinner in the diner" aboard the Amtrak Superliner diner. After our last night aboard the Chief, we'll awake and enjoy our breakfast in the Overland one last time before our early arrival in Los Angeles. What a grand trip we've enjoyed?!

Don't Delay!

We expect brisk sales on this wonderful journey ... don't be disappointed! Additionally, reservations should be made immediately with Amtrak to avoid disappointment (as an Amtrak accommodation is required to take advantage of the Super Chief Club Car).



Lounge car fare:


$699.00 per person for lounge space only.

Additional fare needed from Amtrak

  • Fare includes access to first class lounge service by vintage private railway car from Los Angeles to Chicago, IL and return, Champagne and snacks/dessert at LA departure, breakfast on Fri and Sat, buffet lunch on Fri and Sat. Dessert on our Chi departure night, breakfast on Wed and Thur, buffet lunch on Wed and unlimited beverages while on the lounge car.


Sample Amtrak Fares:


1 passenger travelling COACH

2 passengers traveling COACH

1 passenger travelling ROOMETTE

2 passengers travelling ROOMETTE

2 passengers travelling BEDROOM

All Fares are round trip: 


$280.00 + lounge fare of $699 = $979.00

 $560.00 + $1398.00 (two lounge fares) = $1958.00

 $1160.00 + $699.00 = $1859.00

 $1440.00 + $1398.00 = $2838.00

 $2473.00 + $1398.00 = $3871.00

Amtrak fares are subject to change and availability


Please make out your check to:
Debbie Hatrick

And send to:
2054 S. Halladay St.
Santa Ana, CA 92707

  • You may board at any intermediate station (such as Fullerton, Riverside, etc.) but there is no adjustment to the fare possible.

    NOT INCLUDED in the fares above:

"Dinner in the Diner" -- Please enjoy Dinners in the Amtrak diner in the middle of our train

Hotel accommodations and all other expenses in Chicago


Other options:





One Way Fares may be available, please inquire.

Train one way, plane the other?

Additional Information:

Need help with hotel accommodations in Chicago? We can recommend a place or two. In fact, if enough passengers are interested in the same property, maybe group reservations can be made.

Phone/email reservations will be accepted but not confirmed until receipt of lounge car fare and proof of Amtrak accommodation charge. Please send us a photo copy of your Los Angeles to Chicago Amtrak ticket along with your Super Chief Club Car upgrade fare of $699.00 per person to:

Debbie Hatrick

 2054 S. Halladay St.

Santa Ana, CA 92707

Please make checks out to: Debbie Hatrick

Please limit your "carry on" into the lounge to small articles as there is not any extra storage space. If you have large bags, please consider checking them through to Chicago in Amtrak's Baggage car (after removing what you might need during travel).

The lounge (while travelling) will close each night at 11:30 pm and open at 6:30 am. There will be very limited access to the car while in Chicago, please look carefully for all of your belongings. Emergency contact for Conductor Bill: (714) 309-3925

Beer and wine are available in the lounge after 2:00 pm until the lounge closes at 11:30pm. Although we do not want to limit the number of alcoholic beverages served to each individual, we do ask that you please drink responsibly (please be considerate of our fellow travelling companions) ... we reserve the right to limit the consumption of said beverages. With any sign of drunkenness, we will ask you to retire to your Amtrak accommodation. Please note: alcoholic beverages cannot be taken from the Overland Trail into the Amtrak train (strictly enforced).

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