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Reno Fun Train / Reno Snow Train 2009 (photo album below)

The Overland Trail has served three seasons now on the Reno Fun Train as the "dance car". The car will be traveling north towards the end of January, 09 to once again join the consist for our fourth year. Note worthy is the fact that the Overland Trail (SP 2981 at the time) served out its "remaining years" (before starting a new chapter in its life as a private car) assigned to this train and was last used by Amtrak (owner of the car at the time) in 1979. Every "fun train" season, the lounge was stripped of its wonderful "deco" furniture and was reencarnated as a dance car on the Reno Fun Train! It was assigned to the train from the late 60s through 1979 (operated first by SP, then by Amtrak). Below are some pictures showing the Overland Trail in Reno Fun Train service. Based in Walnut Creek, CA, Key Holiday's are the current opeartors and the RFT has been their baby for over 15 years.

LA Bill and Debbie have joined forces with a number of local (Los Angeles, CA) owner - operators and have incorporated We will specialize in "mini vacation" rail tours and corporate retreats. All of our future excursions will be posted at

The Amber Trail (1950 ex Union Pacific chair car) rebuild is progressing well with Amtrak certification achieved. Now working on passenger niceties like air conditioning and new toilets (in stark contrast to the infamous additude of early NYC RR president, William Henry Vanderbilt, who's idea of public service was quoted as ... "the public be damned!"). We have begun repairing the Women's restroom floor which had rotted out under the rubber flooring and became "soft" in several places. Please click Amber Trail link in the left hand side bar to view the latest.

Flags of our Fathers on DVD!

You might be interested in seeing the Overland Trail "on the wide screen" as Warner Bros' major motion picture, Flags of our Fathers has been released on DVD. The Overland Trail featured prominently in a scene as well as our former Southern Railway 10 and 6 sleeper, the Altamaha River. A bit graphic during the war scenes, but otherwise, a wonderful 40s period piece.

 Eastwood and the girls on the set of FLAGS


Sussessful EOP (Educational Outreach Program) in San Pedro featuring the one and only AT&SF 3751!

The Overland Trail made another appearance with my all time favorite steam locomotive, the former AT&SF 3751, now proudly cared for by the San Bernardino Railway Historical Society. The event was attended by hundreds of 5th grade school children who throughly enjoyed the "show"

If your a 5th grade school teacher who might be interested in SBRHS's Educational Outreach Program, please contact Don Black at (909) 336-2603 or email:
























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