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Special events aboard the real private train cars traveling at real track speed!

Bill and Debbie Hatrick invite you aboard their vintage STREAMLINER - era passenger cars for your special event entertaining:

Anniversaries, weddings, receptions, employee incentives, client entertainment, birthday parties, corporate/family retreats, nonprofit organization outings/fund-raisers ... events of all kinds!

Please use the categories in the side bar to the left to navigate this site. If you want to join us on a public excursion as an individual, couple or small group, please click "RIDE WITH US!". If you're interested in chartering the whole car (birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc.) or corporate charter (executive retreats, sales incentives, employee recognition, client entertainment, etc.) please click "CHARTER." And finally, if you're interested in a stationary event right in downtown LA ... all the excitement of a rail theme party but sans the rumble under your feet ... please click STATIONARY EVENT.

All aboard for Anaheim, Azusa and Cucamonga! Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear as Bill and Debbie turn back the clock enroute aboard their classic train car, Overland Trail! Train travel was not just a means of traveling from one city to another, it was part of the journey's experience. Getting there truly was half the fun.

Welcome aboard the Overland and Amber Trail! Whether you're an armchair adventurer exploring by Internet or a seasoned rail traveler, you'll enjoy learning about the postwar streamliner era through this website and possibly ... by joining us for a ride aboard these magnificent examples of the car builders craft. Bill and Debbie have spent more than a decade restoring both cars and are pleased to offer them as living history artifacts of the great streamliner era!

The Overland Trail is the former Southern Pacific 2981, a club-lounge car, built in 1949 by the Pullman Standard Car Manufacturing Company. The Amber Trail is the former Union Pacific 5430, a 44 seat transcontinental chair car, built in 1950 by Pullman as well.


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Bill and Debbie bought their first car in 1983 and now are veterans of private railcar operation. (In fact, they have now owned their ex Union Pacific coach LONGER then UP had it!). Riding one of their vintage railcars is a unique experience, harkening back to the golden age of streamliner travel.

Our public excursions are perfect for individuals and small groups. Larger groups and corporate customers may charter their own private excursions. Either way, you'll find that, in the words of Eleanor R. Belmont, wife of industrialist August Belmont, "private rail cars are not an acquired taste ... one takes to it immediately!"

Between runs, the Overland Trail is berthed at Union Station in Los Angeles, California. We are always happy to show the car to customers and visitors alike. Please call to arrange a tour.